Demi’s devotion to how he sculpts all his DJ sets has placed him on merit for the past 15 years as a music conductor to a host of some of the world’s most prestigious venues; weaving through the sonic spectrum with his record collection and personal edits to a public enamoured and engaged by an instinctive and uncompromising form of programming. 

Inspired by the music dexterity and skill from music greats such as Laurent Garnier and Danny Tenaglia, to the mixing artistry of pioneers like Sasha and John Digweed and even in the often regimented world of house and techno, both technique and selection go hand in hand for Demi in his ongoing quest for originality. 

With a deep love and connection to soul and disco music through record collections passed down from family relatives that progressed to a vinyl addiction of the more experimental and electronic soundscape centred around the kick drum, his sonic voice can be heard across all manners of music venues, in a climate that is embracing more then ever a DJ who can deliver a body of music that can connect with the spirit. It’s why you will find Demi as comfortable holding court in techno institutes such as Womb in Tokyo, Output in NYC, Space in Ibiza to the more eclectic spaces such as Seth Troxler’s Smokey Tails in London where he continues to push an eclectic vinyl selection of music for the senses. It’s why he was invited for example to present a Source and Cycle Mix for Luciano’s prestigious Cadenza podcast in 2016, demonstrating fully his musical blueprint that spans the past, present and the future. A blueprint where the ego and a strong sense of humility is in sync to select the next song that feels right to connect with the spirit and emotionally touch the dance floor; mouldingdiscerning Antenna Records on Pinkman to the epic disco-funk riffs of Cerrone. 

Whether playing to 5 people or 5000 people, Demi’s approach to the art of the DJ has always followed a pure school of thought,   “Music is a language and perhaps the only truth left in this world that can universally speak to us all and resonate with our spirit. So there should be no excuse to have any barriers up to what is musically possible. I want to give people what they want, not necessarily what they expect and if you can tread that line well enough with your audience then the magic can truly happen.”

It’s a tricky balancing act which stems from the fact that he doesn’t strictly see himself as a techno or house DJ even though some his more notable achievements has come from these circles such as a becoming a national finalist in a competition run by Mixmag and super brand Cream to find their new resident in his formative days in 2002 where he went against the grain playing a selection of house and techno music compared to the hard house and trance sounds of the other finalist DJs. Other levels of recognition in these circles include scoring a nomination as best newcomer DJ at the annual Pacha DJ Awards in 2006 to invitations by Danny Tenaglia to play alongside him during his iconic NYC residency days, performing with his other mentor Laurent Garnier at Pacha Ibiza and culminating with the milestone achievement of a 3 Hour Radio One Essential Mix with the SoS Collective, made up of fellow sonic mavericks, Omid 16B & Desyn Masiello. The sonic trium-vate went on to score world tours with sell-out shows from Tokyo, to Ibiza, London and infamous shows at the Miami WMC and along with two critically acclaimed SOS compilations: “Balance 013” (2008) & “Ministry of Sound presents SOS” (2010); two timeless pieces demonstrating musical synergy at its force, and forever etching its mark on dance music's legacy.

His debut solo mix compilation in 2011 “Sounds like Alola Volume 2” is an astounding sonic collage of the seminal deep house label’s rich back catalogue. Piecing the past, present and future together, from classic tech-house, to techno, to reggae and the warm melodies of producer genius Vince Watson, this body of work provides a sensational journey for the listener and is a true testament to the natural approach to his beliefs of the DJ art form. 

Not seduced by what is current but by what possibilities could be, we continue to see a forward thinking music junkie who continues to deliver memorable moments for the dancefloor while endearing to all who come across his effervescent personality. Demi's musical odyssey continues to deliver what you want, not what you expect.


the producer


Demi's early works in the studio was a diligent process to hone in on his sound and involved working with various studio engineers and selected collaborations with music producers who could help develop his way around the studio. Successful projects began with a remix for David Bowie 'Let's Dance'; a remix with LA based producer Trifactor which was picked up by Virgin for an official compilation of David Bowie Remixes and Unreleased B-sides in 2003.

Future works with Dutch producer heavyweights, the 16bit Lolitas saw remixes featured on esteemed labels such as Sunday Best, Defected and Sexonwax along with two outstanding club EP's on Deeper Substance which saw his tracks licenced to a number of major label compilations such as Ministry of Sound, Extrema, Star 69 and Saw Recordings.

With the advent of recordings and experimental jam sessions alongside prolific and respected deep house producer Omid 16B as part of the SOS collective, Demi's own development in the studio and study of sonics accelerated to the next level. Several of these collective works were debuted on the acclaimed Ministry of Sound presents SOS - The Club compilation in 2010.

By the time SOS disbanded in 2013, Native Instruments launched their flagship F1 controller and invited Demi to create a custom sample pack along with some of his future solo work from this sample pack that was featured on two tutorial videos for what has now become one of Native Instrument's most popular and innovative devices for the modern DJ and producer.                                                                                                            Demi also receives engineer credits on the Balance 25 compilation release by Danny Tenaglia who at the last minute whilst on tour in the UK, was called upon to sit in session to help complete the project . The release has gone on to receive acclaimed reviews from the worldwide music press and punters alike.

Fast forward to 2015 and his first solo EP in 8 years with 'Leave It All Behind' with Cactus on the B-side has picked up cult support among the more discerning underground circles.

With a desire to have creativity with his output at its optimum, Demi now works under various new-formed aliases enabling him to establish a clear direction for each project he undertakes.

Several recent podcast mixes for one of the biggest underground labels Cadenza Music and also for the SXMusic Festival where Demi performed , featured many original new works under these new guises he has formed. Both have been widely acclaimed as an outstanding and accurate sonic blueprint of what's to come.